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Choosing Kitchen & Bathroom Blinds

Kitchen and bathroom blinds must not only be able to provide privacy, light control, and appeal, but also withstand high humidity. In the kitchen, droplets of oil carried in the moist air generally settle on the blinds, requiring them to be cleaned more often. More cleaning means more wear and tear. Kitchen blinds should be especially durable.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are very attractive; they have the look of real wood, but they are made of synthetics. Since real wood is not an ideal choice for the kitchen or bathroom, if you want the look of wood, you can have it with faux wood blinds. You might have real wood blinds in other rooms of the same color and tone as your faux wood blinds in the bathroom and kitchen. Faux wood blinds are very durable and easy to clean, a real plus for the kitchen. The demand for a realistic imitation of classy wooden blinds is high, and these types of blinds are becoming more and more popular. Happily, they are much cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

The Easiest Window Treatments to Maintain

Vertical blinds are one of the easiest window coverings to maintain and they also provide the best light control. They come in a wide range of rich colors, textures, and patterns. Since they can be drawn completely open, they are an especially excellent choice for sliding glass doors. Some leading manufacturers of different styles of window and wood blinds include Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Graber, and Bali.

Why Vertical Blinds?

There are many reasons to choose vertical blinds... Here are a few!