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Cleaning your blinds on a monthly schedule:

1. Lower your blinds and close the slats.
2. Wipe the blinds with a damp rag. Be sure to not put  but a light bit of pressure when cleaning, since most blinds may dent or bend.
3. Then simply close the slats in the opposite direction and wipe the other side.

How to deep clean your window blinds (yes, it will be time consuming):

1. Remove your blinds from the window.
2. Release the blinds completely from their hooks and put them outside laying them flat and onto a disposable sheet or cloth.
3. Spray the blinds with an all-purpose cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes.
4.  Scrub the blinds gently with a soft brush.
5. Simply flip the blinds over and do the same to the other side.
6. Rinse the blinds off with a hose.
7. Hang the blinds outside where they wont get broken and allow them to dry before hanging them back up in the house.

Vertical Blind types

Embossed PVC Verticals
Free Hang Fabric Verticals
PVC Back Fabric Verticals
Smooth PVC Verticals
Wood & Mirror Verticals
Sheer vertical blinds
Fabric vertical blinds
Remote controlled and motorized 
Mirrored vertical blinds
Pleated vertical blinds
Vertical blinds oak
Vertical blinds mural
Vertical blind rods
Vertical blind pvc inserts

Vertical Blind Alternatives

Sliding Panels
Vertical Soft Shadings

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