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A great online resource for vertical blinds! Learn about the many types of vertical blinds and how to clean them. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with  helpful information in determining which vertical blinds or fabric vertical blinds is best for you!


Prestige® Wood Blinds bring style and richness to any room. Slats are made from select quality North American hardwood - lighter weight and more durable than most other woods. A simple dusting is all that's required to keep blinds looking fresh and clean.

Light and Privacy Control - The beauty of horizontal wood blinds is the ability to adjust slats and control the amount of incoming light as well as its direction. Blinds my also be raised and lowered, but in most cases, homeowners prefer to just tilt slats for light and privacy control. Decorative cloth tapes are a stunning enhancement to the 2" blinds.

As the fashionable alternative, wood blinds give a room an entirely unique perspective. For quality-crafted solid wood designs

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