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The vertical soft shadings (Mystique) are one of the most elegant window coverings made, combining vertical blind vanes with a soft sheer fabric. Get total privacy with both products. But since the vertical shadings are combined with vertical blinds, you'll get greater light control with them

The stunning and luxurious Mystique vertical window shading is revolutionary! Get the light control benefits of functional vertical blinds, AND the softness of a fine sheer - without the high price. Compare and save versus Hunter Douglas Luminettes.

The Mystique gently softens light and glare through its translucent, fine sheer fabric. During the day you can see out, but neighbors can't see in. And the vanes can be closed to insulate, or to give you complete privacy. You can also move the vanes completely out of the way for an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Vertical blinds certainly can't do THAT!

The voile fabric can be easily removed, cleaned and refitted. Comes with a weighted Euro-hem for elegance and to keep your Mystique fabric even. Outside mount is recommended.

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