Cleaning and care for wooden and other window blinds

Window blind cleaning stuff

For Aluminum Mini blinds
Use an ordinary soft, clean dust cloths, chemically treated dust cloths, vacuum cleaner brush attachments, or other available ordinary household aids.

To vacuum: use the brush dust head attachment and tilt the slats first up, then down (but not entirely exposed) to reach the entire top and bottom surfaces.

To dust: use a soft clean cloth or chemically treated dust cloth and tilt the slats as above.

To wash: use a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent. Use warm or cold water - NOT hot water. Tilt the slats as above. Protect the floor or sill from excess water. The blind can also be taken down, placed in a bath tub of mild soapy water, then rinsed clean, wiped dry, or allowed to dry completely in the open air.

Wood Blinds : Care must be taken when cleaning real wood blinds. Washing the blind is NOT recommended. Although the wood is sealed, water or even excessive dampness may cause warp age or discoloration of the slats. Since the surface of the slats is smooth, dust may be easily brushed off at regular intervals using a clean soft dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Clean them as described above.


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